“This was a truly unique experience. The group, the useful tools, the way it opened up our minds gradually. The environment, the people that gathered… helped me re-prioritize my goals in life and helped me broaden my consciousness and see things I did not see before. And I am convinced it will help me be happier, healthier, and more effective as a leader.”

- SVP Sales at major consumer goods company

“In today’s global ecosystem, the leaders that will shape and transform the world need to practice mindfulness and self-awareness to lead and thrive in an ever-changing environment. The STI Executive Retreat provides ancient wisdom and tools for the leaders of the world in this transformational journey. The clear concepts, with the correct pacing, led to fantastic intimacy and connection in the group. I’m a better version of me as a result.

- Finance Lead at Fortune 100 company & YPO Member

“I loved learning the tools of awareness to embrace the elements, beings, medicines of healing to be more connected to self and others. I LOVED the sound journey – it totally blew my mind. I learned how to really feel present, more connected, and calm with a warm sense of spirit and being. The pendulum as an energy healing technique for chakras was really cool too. I can’t wait to bring these tools into my work and life. I have grown tremendously from this experience—and in ways, I didn’t know were possible. Wow.”

- Executive, billion-dollar Family Office

“I’ve been working on expanding my awareness, personal power, and inner stillness for many years. This retreat brought me tools and insights I’ve never seen before. I learned remarkable things about energy, how it works, how to direct it, how to harness it for better communication and human/business relationships. I now feel more connected to nature and my energy field and I'm more confident about how to manage my energy. This weekend was a transformational leadership experience!”

- CFO of a top Silicon Valley Venture Capital Firm

“The retreat provided a time and setting that was conducive to recharging, reflection, and reminding ourselves of our innate knowledge. I learned new techniques that will help me continue my work from a more balanced perspective and focus my efforts more efficiently.

- Attorney, Am Law 100 Firm

“My experience was full of discovery and has helped me to get in touch with my purpose in life. I learned how the elements are interrelated and how to better work with my emotions and enhance my leadership skills. I now have a box of tools to help me in my journey in life. I am excited about fulfilling my soul’s mission with happiness through healing.

- CEO Automotive Group, YPO Member

“I was surprised by my experience.  Although I came with an open mind, I was given the opportunity to see myself and the world through my own physical eyes.  What I uncovered was powerful and aligned beautifully with my own personal and professional journey.  I have learned and have been reminded of some very important lessons.


Lessons that will make me a better leader, a better businessperson, and a better human being.


Thank you for the gift of sight!”

- CEO & Founder of mid-sized IT Government Contractor, YPO Member

“For your action-packed days, I experienced positive life-altering gifts that would have taken me a lifetime (if ever) to happen without the incredible guidance of C.C. 


She is a powerhouse of beautiful intuitions and positivity that guided our intimate journey into sacred places where we were encouraged to manifest our deepest desires and release things no longer serving us.


I am a better person because of this weekend and the wisdom that I have gained will be used to light the path for others now.


If you are ready to turbocharge your life with clarity and positive intentions, sign up.”

- Author, TEDx Speaker

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