October 9-12, 2025

Immerse Yourself in an Experiential Weekend Retreat

Discover Your Limitless Potential

Embrace Ancestral Wisdom

Ignite Your Personal Transformation

I have so much gratitude, excitement, and peace. My sleep, oh my soul, my sleep has been so healing. It is such a new feeling to be resting in all the change and getting to know me. My CEO said, "Wow you are so energized!", my husband said, "You have a twinkle in your eye." That felt nice to hear. I keep telling people it was transformational.

- Tiffany K, Director of Operations.

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What You'll Learn:


  • Release and reweave the tears in your energetic body
  • Increase your energy levels and direct it towards positive outcomes


  • Cultivate rich relationships with the unseen world
  • Awaken the ability to connect with benefactors who support you in amplifying your success.


  • Gain a deep understanding of your life purpose and the key learnings meant for this lifetime.
  • Unlock the path to living a purpose-driven life.


  • Acquire a toolkit to develop your vision, intuition, and manifestation skills.
  • Create positive changes in all aspects of your life and work.

What You'll Gain:

Heightened Presence

Increase your ability to be fully present in every moment, whether it's with yourself, others, or any situation

Unleashed Success

Supercharge your concentration and focus significantly, achieve your goals with ease

Clarity and Ease

Navigate change and conflicts with ease, embracing challenges as opportunities for growth and clarity

Elevated Energy

Tap into a newfound level of energy, revitalizing your mind, body, and spirit

Awakened Abilities

Awaken dormant abilities within you that you've always sensed but struggled to access

It's Perfect For You If You:

⚡️ Are eager to remember and step into your authentic self

⚡️ Seek to understand and experience the mysteries of life

⚡️ Aspire to expand your awareness and self-actualize

⚡️ Crave a community of like-minded individuals

⚡️ Desire to make a profound positive difference in the lives of those around you

⚡️ Are committed to increasing your capacity, abilities, and intentional evolution

⚡️ Are ready to move beyond discussions and take concrete steps towards deep growth

and transformation

Brief Schedule:

  • Thursday 6-9 pm: Arrival + Welcome Ceremony
  • Friday 9-9 pm: Silence your Mind + Master Your Energy
  • Saturday 9-9 pm: Establish Relationships, Gratitude + Alignment
  • Sunday 9-1 pm: Closing The Circle + Goodbye

What's Included:

  • In-Person Event: 3 Full Days
  • 3 Zoom Prep Webinars of 45 mins each (pre- recorded if you cannot make it)
  • 3 Nights Private Lodging
  • 9 Meals
  • Optional 1:1 60 Min Coaching Session
  • Access To Asilomar Conference Grounds Amenities

"My time at the retreat has already paid huge dividends! It continues to reduce my anxiety, allows me to be more present, patient and peaceful, especially in the conversations I have with myself."

- Elizabeth K.

"Christine’s event was extraordinary! It was high energy, everyone was committed and had high interaction. Her impactful neuroscience techniques are easy to learn and use, and practical.

-Luis M.

"I was surprised by my experience, it aligned beautifully with my own personal and professional journey. It taught me to live outside of my head and be more present in my life and world ."

- Alba A.


What is the location of the retreat? The in-person retreat will be hosted at Asilomar Conference Grounds located in beautiful Pacific Grove, CA

Who's hosting it? Facilitated by Christine Comaford, Leadership & Culture Coach | Neuroscience + Ancient Wisdom Practioner | Human Behavior & Employee Engagement Expert | NYT Bestseller

What should I bring with me to the retreat? Yourself, comfortable clothing & shoes, rain jacket & light layers, water bottle, journal, sacred object the size of your fist or smaller

Can I participate in the retreat if I have physical limitations or disabilities?

Our retreat center is fully ADA compliant, ensuring accessibility for all individuals. Throughout the retreat, there will be a combination of sitting and standing activities. We understand the importance of comfort and provide blankets, pillows, and chairs to support you during the sessions. Your well-being and comfort are our priority, please let us know in advance about any specific needs or requirements you may have. We will do our best to accommodate and make your retreat experience as enjoyable and fulfilling as possible.

Is the retreat suitable for people of all spiritual backgrounds?

Yes! this retreat is open to individuals of all spiritual backgrounds. It is non-denominational and embraces diversity, making it a suitable space for anyone, regardless of their specific spiritual beliefs or practices.

Is the retreat suitable for meditation beginners or those with no prior experience?

You are welcome to join us just as you are, no previous experience is necessary. We believe in embarking on this journey together, supporting and learning from one another along the way.

Will there be any follow-up support or resources available after the retreat ends?

We provide access to a shared folder containing webinar replays, event photos, and resources from the retreat. We hold annual alumni webinar reunions, providing opportunities to stay connected, continue learning, and fostering growth together. Additionally, we offer 1:1 coaching sessions with Christine.

“This spiritual retreat was nothing I expected! I had met Christine through an Entrepreneur’s Organization full-day seminar and her energy was amazing. After a long day, she was still bouncing with a great big smile. I knew I had to attend this retreat since spirituality is something I felt I was missing…. Well, put your helmet on and fasten your seat belt! I left with a loving clear vision of where I want my company to go. I am re-energized, re-connected, and re-committed to fuller, deeper living.

- President, Furnishing Contracting Corp.

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